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  • 1999 Ford E350 15 Passenger Van

    The 1999 Ford E350 15 Passenger Van

    The 1999 Ford E350 15 passenger van has remained unchanged since 1997. This was the year that saw a major redesign of this van. The front end was updated with a new grille that contains an oval cutout feature. Plus the front bumper trim sits a little lower. Inside the van the dashboard layout was changed and dual airbags were added.

    The major change of 1997 was with the engine. The diesel engine was the only one that remained unchanged. The 300 inline-6 was replaced with a 4.2 L Essex V6 and the 7.5 L V8 was replaced by a 6.8 L Triton V10.

    The 1999 Ford E350 remains a popular choice as many of these passenger vans can be bought for a low price. The owners have kept them in great shape with regular oil changes and by performing scheduled maintenance on them.

    The 15 seat passenger van is a great option for those who have large families or who want to travel. You get lots of room along with great heating and air conditioning in the entire van.

    Other manufacturers have gone to great lengths to update their 15 passenger vans while Ford has not. One of the reasons for this is that Ford’s customers are just plain happy with the design and features of this vehicle, so why change it?

    Some of these newer designs can outclass the Ford Econoline vans when it comes to the ride and handling. But the 1999 Ford E350 continues to be a popular sought after vehicle. Overall it really is a very comfortable passenger van!

    The 1999 E350 is also available as a Super Duty Extended model. This model comes with a choice of XL and XLT trim. Features are basic in this van but it does include air conditioning, an AM/FM radio and vinyl upholstery.

    Upgrade choices are plentiful and it is very easy to customize this van to suit your family or business needs.

    There are also choices for an upgraded engine if you require a little more power. You can opt for the 6.8 L V10 which will provide you with 305 horse power and 420 lb-ft of torque. With the V10 you will get a five speed automatic transmission.

    If you are looking for a van that has stood the test of time, then the 1999 Ford E350 15 passenger van certainly fits the bill. It has not seen too many redesigns and those that have been done, fit in with Ford’s own new design image.

    Overall this van is a great buy for the price.