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  • 2001 Ford E350 15 Passenger Van

    The 2001 Ford E350 15 Passenger Van

    In 2001, the Ford E350 15 passenger van saw some major changes to the Econoline. The names Econoline and Club Wagon were discontinued and officially replaced with the name E-Series. Ford continued to focus heavily on selling these vans as commercial and ambulance vans.

    In addition recreational vehicles started bearing the E-350 badge on their front fenders. This proved to be a smart move by Ford as their full size vans for towing and carrying more passengers became increasingly popular. These 15 seat passenger vans were competing with the minivan and SUV market. People wanted the ability to carry more luggage and transport more people.

    Ford successfully captured a huge share of this market and loyal buyers continued to purchase the E-Series of vans. They continued to outsell both General Motors and Chrysler.

    The full size 2001 Ford E350 was popular with many local business and even church groups. This size of van proved to be a great way to take employees to and from work. Church and senior groups were able to take members on day trips without having to hire a big bus.

    Large families were happy with the new and improved E-Series of passenger vans. They had more than enough room to take their entire family and luggage on summer vacations. There was no need to have to take two vehicles!

    2010 FORD E-SERIES Wagon (Black)
    2010 FORD E-SERIES Wagon (Black)

    2001 was also the last year that the Chateau trims where available on the E350 series. The XL and XLT trims remained and are available with plenty of options. The Chateau trim did return in 2004 but only on the E250 series.

    Customizing your 2001 Ford E350 was an easy choice. Ford always ensured that they offered lots of features and options for their customers. In fact they offer so many features that you would be hard pressed to walk away because of them not having a certain feature!

    If you are in the market for a 2001 Ford E350 you will find lots for sale on used vehicles sites and for sale privately by the owner. Always take the time to check over any vehicle carefully before making the decision to purchase it. If possible take it for a test drive and test out the brakes and the transmission.

    Plus don’t forget to check with your insurance company for your rate. You will be carrying more people so make sure your coverage includes this. The 2001 Ford E350 handles extremely well for a longer van. You may be surprised at how quickly you become accustomed to driving one.

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