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  • 2002 Ford 350 15 Passenger Van

    The 2002 Ford 350 15 Passenger Van

    The 2002 version of the Ford 350 15 passenger van did not see any major revamps. Customers were happy with this van series and so Ford just left things as they were. In fact the E-Series had not seen any major updates since 1997.

    In the year 2000 Ford added features like tilt steering and air bags to their vehicles, but other than these things were left basically the same. For some people this lack of re-design potentially makes the Ford E350 series look old, but why change something that isn’t broken? I am sure this was Ford’s reasoning behind this.

    The Ford series of 15 passenger vans has been a huge seller for a long time and this trend only continues. Used passenger vans sell for very reasonable prices. Buying a used van is a good way to take your family on a summer vacation without having to hire a new van. Plus it can be used for other family outings during the year.

    Ford E-350 Series Passenger Van
    Ford E-350 Series Passenger Van

    The 2002 Ford 350 15 passenger van has a powerful engine and lots of cargo room. The XLT Traveller version for example gets 13 city miles or 17 highway miles to the gallon. In many of these vans the seating arrangements could be configured differently. This might be something to watch for when out looking for a used 2002 model.

    Also in 2002 Ford made even more changes to the dashboard of this van. Tilt steering was included along with backlit cruise control switches. The climate control switch was illuminated. There was also a low fuel and cruise control indicator added to the gauges.

    On the XL 2002 model an overhead console was added. The XLT came with sun visors and floor mats in the front. The E350 Super Duty model had the option of being equipped with a luxury Traveler package. The extended E350 came with an upgraded transmission.

    If you were to compare other models and makes to the 2002 Ford 350 15 passenger van then you would need to look at models such as the Chevrolet Express, the Dodge Ram Wagon and the GMC Savana. All of these vans have comparable wheelbases, prices and carrying capacities including the ability to carry up to 15 passengers.

    It would be worth your time to compare these vans before making your final choice. The Ford 350 series has indeed been around a long time and continues to be one of Ford’s bestselling vehicles ever.