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  • 2005 Ford 15 Passenger Van

    The 2005 Ford E350 15 Passenger Van

    This 2005 Ford E350 15 passenger van did not really change that much from the 2004 version. The interior colors for the 2005 now include Medium Fleet and Medium Pebble colors.

    Anyone looking to buy a passenger van either new or used wants to know as much about the engine as possible. You can read all the specs below:

    Mechanical Features

    The base engine for the 2005 Ford E350 is a 5.4 L, V8 16 valve with a single overhead cam. This engine pushes 255 horsepower with 350 lbs of torque per foot.

    This van is a rear wheel drive vehicle with a gas engine and a four speed automatic transmission. The fuel tank holds 35 gallons of gas.

    The suspension for this Ford E350 is a twin I beam suspension in the front and a solid live axle as the rear suspension. The front also has independent suspension.

    Safety & Warranty Features

    The front seats in the 2005 Ford E350 15 passenger van have integrated head rests. The front seatbelts have pretensioners included. This van is equipped with child seat anchors and rear door child safety locks.

    The brakes are 4 wheel anti locking disc brakes. The front and rear brakes both have ventilated discs. Another great safety feature on this 2005 van is that it has an engine immobilizer!

    The basic, drive train and roadside warranty offered by Ford for this 2005 E350 van is 3 years or 36000 miles.

    Additional Features

    Other features on this 2005 van include air conditioning, rear ventilation, AM/FM stereo with 4 speakers. There is a towing capacity of 10,000 lbs and this depends on your particular van. You may need to upgrade your drivetrain to tow to this capacity.

    On the dashboard you will find a clock, tachometer and low fuel level warning light. More features are available and this makes it easy to customize your passenger van easily.

    Even though the 2005 Ford E350 is a popular van it doesn’t have as many features as some other brands. The price is good and reflects a basic van. If you require upgrades and certain features ask your local Ford sales dealer if these are available. Ford has been in business for many, many years and their Ford 15 passenger vans are still proving to be one of their most popular selling vehicles to date.

    If you are in the market for a 2005 Ford E350 15 passenger van you can expect to pay around the $7,000 mark for one. Again, this will depend upon the condition and upgrades that have been done to the van.