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  • 2008 Chevy Express

    The 2008 Chevy Express 3500 Extended Van

    This particular model of the popular Chevy Express 3500 van was available in two models, the passenger and the cargo van models. Both were great sellers for Chevy and many small business owners would buy both types for their various business needs.

    The average resale price of this van is around $18,175 and of course this depends on how many miles the van has and the condition of the van overall.

    The engine in the extended cargo van is a 4.8L 279 horsepower. While the passenger van comes with a 6.8L 323 horsepower. Both engines have a 4 speed automatic transmission.

    Basic features on the Chevy Express 3500 include black front and rear bumpers. If the used model you are looking at has chrome bumpers then this was purchased as an extra option. The standard van has air conditioning in the front of the van again with the option of having air conditioning installed into the rear of the van.

    The cargo vans have plenty of room and it is easy to store all your work tools and equipment inside. Some used vans may have extra windows and even a roof racking system included. So before you start your search for a used van, it may be worthwhile to sit down and make a list of the features you would ideally like in your van. This way when you start looking for a used van you can disregard many that wouldn’t fit right your requirements right away.

    Chevy made sure they included extra storage and this can be found in storage units under the front dash, in the side door pockets as well as including cup holders. The side door storage is great for storing your clipboards, notepads and even maps. They are easy to reach at a moment’s notice.

    In the cargo model the two front seats are vinyl bucket seats. For the passenger van the front seats are again bucket seats with the remaining seats being vinyl bench seats. This seating arrangement can easily hold up to 15 people making it perfect to use as a taxi or airport shuttle bus.