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  • 2011 Chevrolet Express 15-Passenger Van

    The 2011 Chevrolet Express 15-Passenger Van is known for its versatility.  It is available in both Cargo and Passenger versions.  Besides being able to transport up to fifteen passengers, it can also hold up to 285 cubic feet of storage.  If you’re needing to move considerable weight, the extra engine options can be beneficial to you.  One of those options is a powerful Duramax diesel engine.  Regular- or extended-length models, various trims, and rear- or all-wheel-drive are all options you have to choose from.  As a result, the 2011 Chevy Express can fit almost any need.


    The 2011 model is similar to earlier models, so you should not expect many changes from those versions.  There are a few notable differences, though.  One difference is that the taillights are located higher than in previous versions.  Additionally, it has softer edges than previous models, though the front end has a sharper edge instead of a pushed-in look.


    This edition has a few similarities to earlier versions in regards to the instrument panel and dash, but in other aspects, it is quite different.  The basic Cargo configuration is essentially a two-passenger rig that has two seats and a big empty space that you can fill with people or cargo.  You have the option of adding interior storage of varying kinds.  If you choose the Express Passenger Van, you’ll also have additional seats, rear windows, and carpet.


    The standard features include a V6 engine, air conditioning, and vinyl upholstery and flooring.  You also have a step-up rear bumper and exterior mirrors that you can manually control.  This vehicle is not made for show or style, though the Passenger Van does provide cloth seats and a V8 engine.  In every 2011 Chevy Express model, you do get 4-wheel antilock brakes, dual front airbags, and stability control.

    If you’re wanting better options, you can have a choice of door locks, power windows, a radio, Bluetooth connectivity, side-curtain airbags, and the most up-to-date version of OnStar.  In terms of upgrading the engine, you have light- or heavy-duty options, especially if you have the 1500, 2500, or 3500 models.


    The best engine will really depend on your needs and preferences.  If you prefer better fuel economy, your best option is the base 4.3 liter V6.  This will give you an average 20 mpg on the highway.  Do bear in mind that you won’t have a lot of horsepower, as this only provides 195 hp.  You have the option of four differeent V8 engines, giving you up to 324 hp and up to 525 lb-ft of torque, exclusive to this year’s optional 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8.  As you would expect, the added horsepower will decrease the fuel efficiency, though the tweaks to the 2011 version will provide better power with cleaner emissions.


    The 2011 Chevrolet Express 15-Passenger Van is made to transport a great number of people or a lot of light to moderate equipment.  For heavier equipment, one of the optional V8 engines will make this model a good choice for you.  The Duramax diesel engine is an especially good option when hauling heavy equipment is a must.

    As with earlier models, the emphasis is on good power and enough amenities to make the trip a solid one.  Several options can improve the inside amenities, plus give the added horsepower you need to make any hauling job possible. The 2011 Chevrolet Express 1500 15-Passenger Van can get the job done personally and professionally.

    Find out the qualities of every Chevrolet Express model to find the one that will best fit your needs.

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