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  • 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Minibus Has Much Room & Options

    The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter MiniBus is a bit longer than the Passenger Van version and capable of holding up to fifteen people thanks to its fifth seating row. Conversely, the Passenger Van version is a bit shorter and has four rows, capable of holding twelve people. The MiniBus not mercedes benz sprinter only has considerable room, but it also has very efficient design, thus enabling you to fully utilize that space.


    While the Mercedes Benz Sprinter MiniBus is the former Dodge Sprinter, the vehicle now is composed of higher-quality materials and is put up against a higher standard than similar vehicles made by Chevy and Ford. In all of the various options (Cargo Van, Crew Van, Passenger Van, and MiniBus), you have the choice of two different roof heights and two different wheelbases.

    The Cargo Van has 16-inch steel wheels, a wood cargo floor, rear doors that open up to 270 degrees, a right-side sliding door, air conditioning, and a two-speaker radio. The other options (Crew Van, Passenger Van, and MiniBus) all are similarly equipped in terms of their outside appearances.


    The build quality is higher with the Sprinter now than with the Dodge, and it’s higher quality thansprinter those put out by Chevy and Ford. There is also a more modern feel with the Mercedes. The tilt-and-telescoping steering column and four styles of front seats make sure that the ride is a comfortable one. In addition, the way the van’s controls are laid out make you feel as if you are in a mid-size SUV rather than being in a utilitarian van.

    There is an option for a high roof, great for those who are transporting tall passengers. The cabin height can reach six feet, four inches, which easily beats any competitor’s cabin height (Ford’s E-Series only reaches four feet, three inches).


    The Cargo Van option has just two front seats and an empty cargo bay, while the Crew Van adds an extra bench seat that can hold three people, plus adjacent side windows. The Passenger Van adds many functions to the back of the vehicle, including three more seat rows, speakers, tinted windows, and interior trim. The MiniBus adds even more seats in various configuration options, as well as an electric dual-panel passenger side door.

    Options for each version are quite extensive. Some of these for all Sprinter versions include a rearview camera, a driver-side sliding rear door, a heated windshield, heated power mirrors, foglamps, an upgraded stereo, and upgraded front seats. The Cargo and Crew Vans can also receive a roof fan, roof rack mounting rails, and a fixed rear sunroof. The Passenger Van and MiniBus can receive rear air-conditioning, rear windshield wipers, and a rear heater.


    The turbocharged diesel engine gives the Sprinter better fuel economy than its competition, as well as better fuel economy than when this model was a Dodge. Additionally, Mercedes’ Bluetec technology enables the fuel to be burned as cleanly as a gasoline engine would burn it. The 3.0-liter diesel V6 provides a solid 325 pound-feet torque output, but just 188 horsepower. As a result, the Sprinter will not do super speeds on the highway, nor will it carry the heaviest loads.


    sprinter vanThe 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter MiniBus got some upgrades when the model shifted from Dodge to Mercedes. The construction of the vehicle is of higher quality, it has more room to accommodate taller passengers and equipment, it rides quite smoothly for a van, and it burns fuel as cleanly as a gasoline engine. It provides solid torque, though limited horsepower, meaning that it will do well in transporting up to fifteen people and moving light- to medium-weight equipment, but is not made for speed nor for hauling the heaviest of loads. Still, the Sprinter can serve a business well in needing to transport many people or items from one place to another without trouble.

    Check out the 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter MiniBus to see if its features and options are right for you.