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  • 2012 Ford E350 15 Passenger Van Specs

    With the release of the new Ford 2012 E350 passenger van I want to keep you up to date with the specs on this popular model.
    The E350 is available as a regular length van, a regular length super duty van and a super duty extended length passenger van.

    Wheel Base

    The wheel base on all three models is 138 inches. The length of the van is 216.7 for the regular length and 236.7 for the extended version. The width of the van without mirrors is 79.4 and with mirrors 95.7 for all three models.


    The headroom inside the van is a comfortable 42 inches for the first row. The second and third rows have 40.2 and 40.1 respectively. With the extended length super duty van having a fourth and fifth row height of 39.6 and 37.4 inches.

    Cargo Length

    The cargo length of the regular length models is 120.6 inches and the extended length has 140.6 inches. The cargo height for all models is 51.9 inches with a cargo width of 51.1 inches.

    The Fuel Capacity

    The fuel capacities of all three models are 35 gallons and unleaded regular fuel is recommended.

    The Engine

    The engine sizes are a choice of V8 and V10 with a 4.6L 16 valve engine, a 5.4L 16 valve engine or a 20 valve engine with a 6.8L engine. The 4.6 L engine comes with a 4 speed automatic transmission while the other two engine sizes come with a 5 speed automatic transmission.

    All models have an electronic fuel injection system.
    The Steering

    The steering on the new 2012 Ford E350 Passenger van is power assisted with a recirculating ball.

    The Breaks

    The brakes are 4 wheel anti locking disc brakes. The front and rear shocks are heavy duty gas pressurized ones.
    The front suspension is a twin I beam IFS with computer selected coil springs and a large diameter stabilizer bar. The rear suspension is a multi leaf 2 stage leaf springs/solid axle.

    As with any Ford vehicle, you choose your own options and accessories and build the perfect 2012 Ford E350 15 passenger van by picking whichever specs suit your use and budget the best.