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  • 2014 Ford E350 15-Passenger Van Carries On Strong E350 Line

    It was thought that the 2013 E350 would be the last one before the new Transit series comes online, but Ford decided to continue this model for a few more years until production finally ends on the E350.  This model has a track record of durability and quality.

    The 2014 Ford E350 is much like its predecessors in that it is built to be tough and carry your heaviest cargo, all while carrying a small troop of passengers as well.  It’s able to do this because of the powerful engines these vans come with.  The standard option includes a 255-hp 5.4-liter Triton V8 and a four-speed automatic transmission.  If you need even more power, you can upgrade to a 305-hp 6.8-liter Triton V10 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission.


    The E350 is known for its tall, boxy design; this is how it has enough room to hold up to fifteen passengers.  Its rear doors can swing as wide as 178 degrees so that it is easier for you to load your cargo inside.  As a result, this model is quite popular with those who do heavy lifting for a living.

    There are actually two main versions to choose from.  The wagon model has side windows and passenger seats, while the cargo van has panel sides and an empty rear.


    This model has quite the room, as it can hold fifteen passengers with ease.  Like previous models, the two front seats are built like captain’s chairs, providing a form of comfort for the driver and his/her closest passenger.  These leather seats also have air conditioning and heating.  The driver has an easy time controlling this model, as the large dash controls are in easy reach.

    As mentioned earlier, there is a wagon model that is more like an SUV or minivan’s interior, while the cargo van is built more for storage and transporting passengers rather than providing the comforts of an SUV or minivan.

    This series comes with a moonroof and two rearview cameras.  There is also SYNC voice-activated communications and entertainment.  You can also start the E350 remotely, adding to its convenience factor.

    There are front and rear 12V power outlet(s), as well as an ashtray and cigar lighter in the front.  The audio system can provide AM, FM, and MP3 through its six speakers.  Additional options include Bluetooth capabilities, a DVD player, and a navigation system.


    The massive body and size provide a level of safety to begin with, but in addition, the E350 has four-wheel anti-lock brakes.  Traction and stability control are also standard on this model.  There are front airbags for the two front seats.


    The 2014 Ford E-350 provides the necessary power you need to haul your cargo wherever you are going, plus can provide for enough comfort to make it a good ride.  Via a powerful V8 or V10 engine, you can haul the heaviest cargo, while also having enough room to help you haul that cargo when you get to your destination.  Add in comfortable front seats and airbags, a moonroof, SYNC voice activation, and MP3 player, and the E350 can definitely enable you to have fun on your way there.

    Check out all that the Ford E350 can provide for you to see which model suits you and your needs best.

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