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  • Benz

    Looking for a used Mercedes Benz passenger van or a used Mercedes Benz Mini Bus? I believe you’ve found the right resource. Below, as well as to your right, you’ll find a good selection of these awesome used vehicles built by Mercedes.

    With years of experience with luxury automobiles, the Sprinter line of vans and mini bus benefits tremendously from this. In these tall boxy looking vans, you’ll find space, comfort and amenities found no where else in a van. They are comfortable, spacious, and easily customizable.

    Mercedes Benz has clearly think these vans through before taking on the competition. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter tall stance is a clear indication of doing what its competitors didn’t do for
    Mercedes Benz sprinter van the people who uses these vans.

    When entering one of these vans, you notice that bending downwards is not necessary. The high roof line also provides ample high for 6′ plus passengers.

    We know that traveling long distance bending over forward is not comfortable but when inside a Sprinter 170″ WB high roof mini bus comfort is no longer a dream but reality.

    Seating is available for 11 to 15 passengers and if you need to fit even more people inside one of these machine hop for the Commuter Shuttle High Roof which holds 18. If you only want to carry 15 passengers then, Airport Shuttle High Roof or the Hotel Shuttle High Roof will do you well.

    We see that prices are nowhere in comparison to Ford E350’s Series, GM’s Chervolet Express or GMC Savana.  That doesn’t you cannot find one for a reasonable price. Remember, the Sprinter wears a luxury brand name….Mercedes!