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  • Chevrolet Express

    When it comes to passenger and commercial vans Chevrolet is one of the main suppliers for this market. The main rival for customers is of course Ford and their 350 series of vans. These have been around for 32 years and are always popular for new and older buyers alike.

    The Chevy vans of today have definitely kept up with changes in technology and now vans have the capability of being able to receive internet connections. This is possible up to 155 feet in diameter around the van, perfect for making contact with the office or for updating your travel routes.

    It is now possible to download an iPhone app for your Chevrolet Express Vans. It is free to download and enables you to make appointments and contact roadside assistance if necessary. You can also use the Find My Car feature to find and set parking spots.

    Safety is a key feature for all van manufacturers. Chevrolet has installed their new OnStar Automatic Crash Response system. This feature activates in certain collisions and notifies an OnStar Advisor who connects to your vehicle. It comes standard for the first six months on all new passenger vans. It is an available option on Cargo and Commercial vans.

    A newer feature in the Chevrolet Express vans is the Trailer Sway feature. This feature automatically detects when your trailer is swaying and applies pressure to the brakes and slows the engine down.

    The Auto Grade Braking system is another key feature for those pulling or transporting heavy loads. This helps by automatically downshifting your vehicle when you apply the brakes as you go down a steep gradient.

    Currently the new Chevrolet Express vans have a base price of $24,985 and you can visit their website to build your own personal van just the way you require it. Add and remove options as you see fit and the total price will then be displayed.

    Of course if you prefer a used Chevrolet Express van there are plenty of used and demo vans available. Just check out your local dealership today.