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    Ford Credit – Is it Right For You?

    Regardless of whether you want to buy or lease your next vehicle Ford Credit can be an easy way to get your financing in place. One great thing about Ford Credit is that you can make your payments and manage your account while online! What could be better?

    With the financing option you can get flexible terms with Ford Credit. While paying for your vehicle there are no mileage limits enforced and you can still have your vehicle customized the way you want.

    If you prefer to use Ford Credit to lease your vehicle or van, you again will receive flexible payment terms and the option of changing your vehicle more often if you wish to do so.

    When you first sign up with your lease, you will have the choice of purchasing your vehicle at a pre-determined price. This can be extremely helpful if your goal is to eventually own your own vehicle and not have lease payments all the time.

    Ford Credit also offers an option known as Flex Buy. This is a finance contract that comes with a fixed rate. The way the Flex Buy works with Ford Credit is that you are given two payment schedules.

    The first payment schedule is for 36 months and these payments will be about 15% lower than a regular 60 month contract. This could be very helpful depending upon your circumstances.

    The last 30 months your payments change and increase to approximately 22% higher than what your first 36 payments were. This is actually proving to be a popular option with Ford customers.

    Managing your account is really easy too with Ford Credit. You simply set up an online account that you can access at any time. Inside your account you can manage your payments and have them scheduled to be automatically withdrawn if necessary.

    Other account management includes updating or changing your contact information. Plus you have the ability to review your transactions over the last 12 months. In addition you can see what your current payment is, how much you still owe and the amount you have paid. Plus of course you can pay off your balance at any time.

    With so many people online and using mobile devices having an online Ford Credit account is great. It is easy to use and saves you time from not having to visit your bank in person to make your payments.

    For more information and details about Ford Credit it is advisable to visit their website or stop by your local Ford Dealer. They are happy to provide you with all the information you need to start taking advantage of Ford Credit today.
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