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  • Used 15 Passenger Vans for Sale

    Over the past couple of years, people have relied on ebay for a number of things. Today buyers can now find a large selection of used 15 passenger van for sale up for auction. The bidding is fierce for these popular fans. You have to watch out for sniper bidders who wait for the last second to outbid you. I’ve seen this a couple of times and it’s not a good feeling!

    Ford E350 15 Passenger Van 2011 Model
    Ford E350 15 Passenger Van 2011 Model

    Which Model Stands Out?

    One popular brand stands out and you’ll very pleased with the numerous selection from all over the United States. We know there are other manufactures that makes a 15 passenger van but Fords E350 seems to dominate the pack here. With over 100 updates to this van, buyers have the option of having their prize winning van delivered, for a fee, or pick it up them self. Some sellers, in some cases, will ship your van for free.

    How Can You Expect to Pay?

    Price varies across the board and it all comes down to year, mileage, ware and tear. The least amount of mileage and ware and tear commands the highest price. Also a good picture gallery of the van along with full detail and description will always out sell a competitor. We’ve seen prices as low as $2500 all the way up to $30,000.

    We also see that big dealerships tend to have better presentation of their vans but its not always the case. Trusted power sellers tend to rank very high with their listing. They are usually well position and have a 100% approval rating which they earned from passed transaction and customer satisfaction.

    Who are the sellers?

    As mention earlier, you’ll find big dealerships as well as single owner who might might just want to get some extra money form their van instead of getting a trade where they will always get a lower offer.

    Any Other Vans?

    Yes. General Motors makes their own passenger van that carries 15 people. In fact, they make two of them. The Chevrolet Express and the GMC Savanna. These two vans are make by GM or General Motors. Mercedes Benz also makes this type of van but they call it a Mini Bus.

    I don’t see many of them on eBay but you will find a lot of 8 to 12 passenger van by Mercedes Benz for sale on Ebay. The prices are typically higher. Mercedes Benz is a premium brand/luxury hence the higher price range.

    Any Thing Else? We’ve provide a list below of vans below. When you click on these links, they will take you to Ebay where you can easily see the full description and contact details of the sellers.

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