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  • Features of the Ford Van E350 V10 15 Passenger

    The 2011 For E350 is the only van that comes with the ability to seat 15 passengers. This van has plenty of great standard features which include:

    • Air conditioning in the front row
    • Tilted steering wheel
    • Floor mats
    • Light switches on all doors
    Options like having a voice activated communication system and a state of the art entertainment system with satellite radio can be purchased separately.

    Inside this van there is lots of headroom at 42 inches and just over 65 inches of hip space, which allows for both the driver and front passengers to be extremely comfortable. As the seating rows go back the head room declines with the fifth row of seating offering the smallest space. Here the head room drops down to 37.4 inches and 37 inches of hip space.

    The E350 comes with a fuel injection engine in two available sizes, the 8 cylinder 4.6 liter or the 10 cylinder 6.8 liter. The 6.8 liter is powered by a 120 amp gas alternator.

    There is one twin I-beam axle in the front of this van along with two semi float axles in the rear. These axles deliver the power to the wheels.
    The engine blocks are made from cast iron with aluminum cylinder heads. The exhaust systems were constructed from stainless steel.
    The Ford E350 comes equipped with Advance Trac with Roll Stability Control which is a great system for traction control.

    This system comes with sensors which detect any sharp swerves or quick cornering and compensates accordingly. The sensors automatically cause the van to start decelerating and begin to reduce the engine power. This method prevents the van from rolling over.

    The shock absorbers on the E Series 350 are heavy duty and makes stopping very precise and safe with the four wheel disc anti locking braking system.

    The base price for a 2011 Ford E Series E350 Van start at around $33,370 and of course upgrades and options are available.

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