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  • Ford 2011 E-350 XL Extended

    This popular van from Ford comes with a 5.4 L, V8, 16 valve engine which delivers 250 horsepower. It comes equipped with a four speed automatic transmission.

    Some of the basic features of this van are a foot operated parking brake, along with front and rear disc brakes. A van of this length obviously requires some type of air conditioning and fans and Ford has not overlooked this feature.

    The Ford E350 XL Extended van comes with rear air conditioning fan controls. Also for the rear of the van Ford has included overhead heating and conditioning controls.

    The interior of this van has black vinyl covering on the floor. The side and rear doors are covered with a black hardboard trim package. The steering is also covered with black vinyl. The front passenger has access to a vanity mirror with cover and glove box with plenty of storage options.

    The windshield wipers are a two speed wiper with interval adjustments. The glass in this Ford E350 XL Extended is a tinted solar glass which helps reduce the glare from the sun.

    The standard E350 XL extended van comes with all season tires along with a full sized spare tire. The spare tire is easily mounted underneath the van. The covers for the wheels have eight holes and are brightly colored.

    There are five rows of seats in this model van. The front seats are dual bucket seats. The second, third and fourth row comprise of a bench seat which will fit 3 passengers. The fifth row is another bench seat that can accommodate 4 passengers.

    The trims on all the seats are color coded which help to make the inside look appealing and attractive.
    This Ford E350 XL extended van is definitely suited for a large family that likes to take extended road trips.