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  • Ford 2011 E-350 XLT

    Features of the Ford E350 XLT Extended Van

    This Ford series of vans has been extremely popular for many years now. So much so that Ford hasn’t really had to make that many improvements to it. The last major update was done in 1997 and this included engine and interior redesigns.

    In 2008 the Econoline saw improvements to their braking and suspension system.
    Ford’s competitors can easily outdo this van when it comes to versatility and style but it is the reliability of this van that has kept its popularity.

    It still continues to be among the best sellers for Ford.

    Some of the standard features of the Ford E350 XLT Extended van are:

    • 4 wheel anti lock brakes
    • Front and Rear disc brakes
    • 35 gallon fuel tank
    • Platinum tipped spark plugs
    • 5.4 liter, 16 Valve, V8 SOHC engine
    • Fourth row passenger bench seat
    • Color keyed cloth trim on the seats
    • Front Captain chairs

    These are just some of the basic features there are also options for a towing and trailering package. The Ford E350 XLT Extended van has tons of storage including under the front seat storage draws. Map pockets on the front doors, coat hooks, a coin holder and storage bins along with cell phone holders.

    With a van of this size safety should be a concern especially when filled to capacity with passengers. The Ford E350 XLT extended van has side door intrusion beams, a dash absorber and emergency locking retractors on all seats.

    There are automatic locking retractors on all the 3 point passenger seatbelts. In case of a collision the engine is fitted with an Inertia Fuel shutoff device. Plus the lap and shoulder seat belts are colored coded. The front seatbelts have a height adjuster on them.

    Optional features of this Ford van include the addition of a front stabilizer bar and heavy duty front and back shock absorbers.


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