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  • Ford E350 15 Passenger Van for Sale 2011 Model Year

    Ford’s E-Series 15 passenger van is the number one best selling full size van 31 years running according to website. The new look is bold with styling and class perfect for any business, church or organization that needs a new or used E350 15 passenger van.

    The new look was inspired by the new “F-Series Super Duty’s bold new front-end design. The E-Series was redesigned in 2008 that includes a list of chassis and suspension upgrades that increased capability and improved ride and overall handling of the vechile”. And with the addition of available traction control, this feature has enhanced the safety while driving on the road.

    These Ford E350 15 Passenger vans are the perfect transportation for moving a large group. They are very economical and packs a powerful punch when it comes to power. This baby is not lazy either!

    The new design is very inviting with large front grills that looks bold. I love this new look because it shows that Ford continues to deliver quality branded vechiles to its core customers.

    With 50 years now under their belt, the competition is falling far behind. Ford has built yet another nice van to its previous year. 2010 was a good one but 2011 is a smash it.

    They have changed the design that makes you wanna be seen in it. Not to brag or show off but not an old looking van. This time they are pretty sweet to look at and may I had to ride in also.

    People are loving this new design. I did see this coming. It may be a surprise to it’s competors. All I can say this new 2011 E350 15 passenger van is well recieved by myself and many others alike.

    The days of ugly duckly look and rid of these e350 are long gone. Now, you have a ride that’s pleasent to look at and you’ll love riding in it.

    For 2011, Ford has introduce the all New E350 15 passenger van for sale across Amarica. It comes in two main packages.

    1. E-350 XL & XLT
    2. E-350 Extended XL & XLT

    The E-350 15 passenger van XL is equip with:
    5.4L Triton V8 Engine (standard)
    Automatic Transmission

    Power Train
    5.4L EFI V8 Engine
    6.8L EFI V10 Engine

    XLT Model
    XL basic feature plus these below and more..
    Power Locks & Power Window
    Stereo with C/D Player

    Power Train
    5.4L EFI V8 Engine
    6.8L EFI V10 Engine

    Next is…

    Ford E-350 Extended 15 Passenger Van
    It comes standard with..
    XL Model
    5.4L EFI V8 Engine
    4 Speed Automatic Transmission

    Power Train
    5.4L EFI V8 Engine
    6.8L EFI V10 Engine

    E-350 XLT Extended Model
    It comes with the basic features of the XL Model
    plus the following below..
    Power Locks and Windows
    Stereo W/CD Player

    Power Train Remains the same with..
    5.4L EFI V8 Engine
    6.8L EFI V10 Engine

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