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  • Ford e350 Passenger Van

    This is the ford e350 passenger van that makes it easy to transport a number of people quickly with less trips. If you don’t already know, this van made by ford comes in a variety of trim levels. (Use the “Search for Vans by ZipCode” on your right to start search now)

    The shortest been the 8 passenger and the longest dubbed the xlt extended which easily and may I add comfortably carries 15 passengers without breaking a sweat.  The E350 2010 model comes with a 5.4L V8 OHC engine with two valves per cylinder is a powerhouse to respect.

    Whats more amazing is that it comes pack with a v10 engine if you need all that horse power. What you say a v10 engine?yep…a huge V10 that runs quite but amazingly powerful.

    If you don’t need all that power, then hoped for the duramax V8. This engine size might do you well. If that’s still too powerful then take the V6 model.

    With this size engine though, you won’t get the 15 seater. Only the v8 comes fully loaded. May I ask the purpose of this van?

    Since you are interested in this van….do you want a used or new one?2012 Ford 350 15 passenger Van
    2015 models are sold through the dealer. Older models, aka used or
    pre owned are sold at used lots, dealer auctions, private sellers or a reputable
    online auction site like ebay.

    These E350 passenger vans available for sale today. You can either buy it today or place a bid. The only issue I have with this bidding thing is that the vehichle might be too from where you live. I didn’t like that too much so I did something about it.

    What did you do?

    To the right of this page below the Red Ford Van is a search form. This form
    is amazing and will easily eliminate vans that are too far from where you live.

    All you have to do is pick a brand (eg. Ford). It will automatically pick the
    model for you (eg: E-series van). Next: enter your zipecode and than pick distant or
    within miles you are willing to drive.
    The next thing you want to do is press enter or search. Within a few seconds you’ll
    be presented with used 15 passenger vans in your area and withing the miles you are
    willing to drive.

    These results are active. You can click on these live links and place your bid to buy.
    You have to make a good bid and watch the amount of days this auction is running for.

    Ford E-350 Series Passenger Van
    Ford E-350 Series Passenger Van

    The seller has placed a…….which means they will not sell the vehicle for less than
    that price. Remember to bid higher if you really want to buy it.

    If the ford models doesn’t workout, check out GMC savana or Chevrolet express. These brands also comes as 15 passenger van. If you need luxury, then look at Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

    With that said, choose wisely and buy with confidence. Also, don’t forget to use the search form to narrow down your search. This will eliminate the pain you will feel when you see something you like only to find out it is 500 miles away.

    I know you don’t want a ford e350 passenger van that is 100’s of miles away.

    I know you do not want that and I wouldn’t either. One last thing….

    The search form I mention is just below the Red van on the top right of the page. Use
    it….it works wonders in seconds.