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  • Ford Red Carpet Lease

    If you have been looking for a way to afford your next vehicle, then the Ford Red Carpet Lease might be the perfect fit for you! This lease offer applies to certain makes and models and runs for specific times. So check with your local Ford Dealership for specific details for your local area.

    You can expect most of the 2012 and 2013 Ford models to have some kind of offer associated with them. For example one dealership is offering the Ford Red Carpet Lease on 2012 Ford Escape, Explorer, Focus, Fusion, and Mustangs. In addition each model is offered at a special with low monthly rates and the chance of receiving cash from Ford’s Cash Back incentive.

    Using the Ford Red Carpet Lease could prove to be the best way to get yourself into that newer vehicle. Most of the leases are being offered over a 24 month period of time.

    Another important factor is that in most situations the security deposit is waivered for vehicles under the Red Carpet Lease agreement. You will still need to pay tax, title and license fees.

    To take advantage of the Ford Red Carpet Lease special you must be deemed qualified. So if you are not sure it is best to visit your local dealership and ask to see if you are a qualified potential leasee or not.

    The Ford Red Carpet Lease special also applies to the commercial division as well. The benefits of taking advantage of this commercial special are lower monthly payments and lower monthly maintenance costs. This in turn can free up your available cash for your business.

    As well taking part in a short term leasing agreement allows you to keep your fleet of vehicles updated with newer vehicles. Again not all vehicles and companies will be qualified for the Ford Red Carpet Lease plan. It is well worth checking into so you can take advantage of it if necessary.

    For anyone considering leasing a vehicle the Ford Red Carpet Lease can be a wonderful opportunity. With this lease plan you can opt for one of seven mileage options. If you would like to purchase your lease you can do so at a predetermined price.

    Plus when you first apply for the lease you can outfit your vehicle with approved accessories. This is something which can save you in the long run, you won’t be charged for excess wear and use charges.

    If you are looking for a way to get a newer vehicle then check out all the details of the Ford Red Carpet Lease at your local dealership today.