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Express Passenger 2002

  • Ford Van E350 V10 15 passenger for sale

    Finding one of these big 6.8 V10 E-350 15 passenger van can be a little tricky.  Most of the dealers don’t stock them because of the high15-passenger-van-white-300x225 cost of fuel but they will get it for you.

    The V10 is smooth fast and full of power. This baby can run and the ride is comfortable. You will feel the pull on this baby the moment you step on the gas pedal.

    As you know, the e350 is used for many different task in hauling. You will find them in ambulance fleet, school bus, Access a Rid, in NYC, as so on.

    This 6.8 V10 Engine runs on Diesel but don’t let that discourage you from buying one. One good side to this is that it burns clean and at the time of writing this, diesel prices is around $4.50 average or under $5.00

    If you are serious about buying one of these vans and don’t mind bidding online, check out ebay.  They are currently the leader in automobile online auctions and you can score one easily.

    Good luck and happy bidding.

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