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Express Passenger 2002

  • GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase 2LT

    The GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase 2LT is wonderfully designed for smooth ride over rugged and difficult roads. With the other features, the newly installed features of this passenger van are navigation radios for AM/FM, rear parking assistance, rear camera for proper vision and many others. Some of the color ranges available for this model are as follows:

    1. Deep blue metallic color.
    2. Onyx black color.
    3. Fire red color.
    4. Sand beige metallic color.
    5. Pure silver metallic color.
    6. Polo green metallic color.
    7. Summit white color.
    8. Wheat-land yellow color.
    9. Steel grey metallic color.

    The existence of power brake makes the driving of GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase 2LT extremely easy. These brakes make it less prone to accidents. The side doors are of swing out category. The fuel tank has an overall capacity of thirty one gallons.

    The fuel tank is located in the mid frame of the vehicle. The suspension type in front is of independent type. The axle type on the front is of the independent type while the axle type on the rear is semi floating type. The front and rear axle of this vehicle have the capacities of 4300 lb and 6048 lb respectively.

    All the front and rear wheels are of the same size, that is, 16 x 6.5 inches and these wheels are made of steel. A spare wheel is also provided with the vehicle for emergency purpose of the same configuration and quality as the other wheels.

    The main quality of it is the fact that a large cargo of people can comfortably fit into it for travelling from one place to the other. Twelve to fifteen passengers can easily travel together in these vehicles. For ensuring safety in GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase 2LT, the features that are included are disc brakes which are four wheeled with anti clock wise operation, front airbag, side curtain airbag and a few others.

    The overall sale rate and customer reviews of GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase 2LT testify the fact that the services provided by this vehicle is satisfactory. The cost of this van is affordable and reasonable since a lot of useful services are provided by it. The warranty period should be properly checked before buying the vehicle.

    The warranty period is either for three years or for travelling 36000 miles. Child seat anchors are present in the vehicle for the complete safety of children travelling in this vehicle. The tire pressure monitoring system, present in this vehicle is extremely useful in detecting tire problems and punctures beforehand.

    There are four types of engines which can be installed in GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase 2LT. These four engine types are as follows:

    1. 280 hp Vortec with 4.8 liter Flex Fuel V8.
    2. 324 hp Vortec with 6.0 liter Flex Fuel V8.
    3. 279 hp Vortec with 6.0 liter natural gas V8.
    4. 525 hp Vortec with 6.6-liter diesel V8.

    The safety belts provided in front of the vehicle are adjustable by height providing maximum safety to the travelers. Wipers and pulse washers are also provided at the vehicle front for safe travel during rains and cleaning of the vehicle front. The repair techniques of all the parts are also very simple making it a widely popular vehicle.
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