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  • GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase LS Van

    GMC Savana 3500 Extended Wheelbase LS van provides a durable and rugged means of transporting your passengers or even large payloads of cargo. This has also proved to be a cheap way of ensuring that your load is transported at a cheaper price when compared to other means of transportation.

    What are the van’s specifications?

    The GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase LS exists with a 155-inch or 135-inch wheelbase. This van is available in 3 engines namely; a 290-hp Vortec that is 4.80-liter Flex-Fuel V8, a 324-hp Vortec 6.00-liter that is Flex-Fuel V8, and a 525.0 lb.-ft. of spin Duramax Diesel 6.60-liter V8. All the engines are grouped with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

    The engine is also available in LT or LS trim. The van can accommodate a maximum of 15 passengers at the same time offering several comfort options.

    This van is available in the work van trim, which offers an outstanding base for this all-purpose utility vehicle, which can be equipped to match your desired comfort demands, or even modification to meet an individual workplace requirement.

    Some of the safety features of the van include four-wheel anti-lock brakes, Stabilitrak, and a front airbag having a side curtain airbag.

    What makes the van remarkable?

    1. It has a 4.8 L V-8 engine, which it gives power to move faster and endure poor road conditions. With the engine, the van can often consumes less fuel when compared to other vans with the same specifications.

    2. Its power is 280@5200 rpm. The power generated by the engine is able to drive the van at an amazing accelerating speed of 20 miles in 3 seconds. This enables the van to accelerate up to 60 miles in 10 seconds. With this kind of power, this van is among the fastest accelerating vans of the 21st century.

    3. The van has a 6-spd auto w/0D transmission. This transmission enhances the van’s speed by generating power that pushes the energy generation ability.

    4. It has also a rear-wheel drivetrain. This gives the van power to move faster at same time consuming less fuel. This van’s specification also allows you to transport your passengers to their destination within the shortest time possible.

    5. For those people who cannot pay the full purchase amount, you can pay a monthly installment of $642 for 12 months to enable you buy this remarkable van.

    6. It has a cargo capacity of 252.8 cu.ft. This enhances the passenger cargo comfort at the same time improving the safety of any specific cargoes.

    7. The van operates on an 11 city/ 17 HWY MPG. This ensures that your engine oil is clean at same time improving the engine efficiency.

    8. If you buy the van, you are guaranteed of a warranty of about 36 months or alternatively after 36,000 miles of drive. This will ensure safety of the van and therefore reducing any defects that are associated with the van.

    In conclusion,

    if you need a van that will enhance the comfort of your passengers to an amazing level, then GMC Savana 3500 Extended WheelBase LS van provides you with the best option. This will also enables save thousands of dollars you could have spent when buying other available types of vans in the market.
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