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  • GMC

    GMC Savana

    GMC is a division of Chevrolet. A number of cars, trucks and vans come from this company and they also make the one that we are going to look at. It is called the GMC Savana. If you haven’t heard about it and you are in the market for a new or used 15 passenger van then keep this one on your list of option.

    I know that Ford E350 tends to be on top of everyone’s list but there are other 15 passenger van options that you not have considered. This article will be about the GMC Savana 8 to 15 passenger van.

    The Savana

    GMC Savana is a van that can carry 8 to 15 passengers comfortably. The model that you pick will determine the amount of passenger that your van will be able to transport. GMC currently makes three models to the Savana. They are the Savana 1500, 2500 and the 3500. Trim levels are 1LS, 1LT, 2LS and 2LT.

    The 1500, 8 passenger van, comes as a regular wheel base and the savanna 2500 does as well. But to fit 15 passengers the Savana 3500 extended wheel base is required.

    Each of these models comes in a variety of colors and options to fit your needs. For 2011, the 3500 Savana Extended wheel base 2LT version offers standard Duramax 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine. StabilityTrack stability control system, front and rear chrome bumpers, power door locks, On Star3, 16”x6.5” steel wheels, AM/FM Stereo System, Air conditioning single-zone manual and much more.

    The transmission on this van is a 6 speed automatic and comes standard with 4 wheel anti lock brakes. Buyers in the market for a new GMC Savana will have the option of customizing their van. But if you are in the market for a used one, then you will just have all the options available from GM.

    I would not worry so much about bills and whisels on this type of van. I believe that if the used van has stability control, low milages, no accidents, the 6.6 Duramax V8 engine, or the 6.0L V8 FlexFuel engine, you’re good to go.

    The older GMC Savana’s will have a different engine. So to recap what we’ve learn about GM’s 15 passenger van consider the following..

    • Model: Savana 3500 Extended Wheel Base 2LT
    • Engine: 6.6 Duramax V8 Diesel
    • Transmission: 6 speed automatic
    • 2011 model year
    • Comes a variety of colors

    And most importantly, it will transport 15 people comfortably! To see a list of used savana’s, check out Amazons used auto list. There are sellers from across the country both dealerships and individuals ready to make a deal with you. When you get their happy bidding and I hope you find a nice 15 passenger GMC Savana for your business or pleasure.


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