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Express Passenger 2002

  • How Much is 15 Passenger Van?

    You are going to be happy with out list. Finding out how much is a 15 passenger van just got a little bit easier.

    The most popular vans are made by Ford and the price go up depending on model, year and mileage. But when you are looking at 15 passenger van the list gets smaller and the companies that make them are only few.

    Currently; Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Chevrolet makes them. You can expect to pay anywhere from $7000 to $30,000. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is around $40,000 to $70,000. These vans tend to be luxury 15 passenger vans.

    Ford offers the xlt Extended while Mercedes sell the Sprinter which is the most costly in this list. GMC Savana and the Chevrolet Express tend to be around the same price.

    You can also get full price list by using our search area. All you have to do is pick a model, brand, distance from where you live and your zip code. Our system will return ebays full list on these vans.

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