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    Finding Insurance for a Used 15 Passenger Van

    With any type of car or van insurance it usually pays to shop around for the best rates. So many things can affect the cost of your insurance, the type of vehicle, were you will be driving it, your driving record and the area where you live.

    If you are planning on purchasing insurance for a used 15 passenger van, you may run into some obstacles. These vans at one time were notorious for being involved in accidents and many insurance companies just did not want to insure them.

    Today however, upgrades and more safety features have been installed on

    2007 Chevrolet Express 3500 15 Passenger Van
    2007 Chevrolet Express 3500 15 Passenger Van

    these 15 passenger vans making them a little easier to insure.

    When looking for this type of insurance you want to determine how many people you will have in your van on a regular basis. Plus are you using the van for a business or is it purely a family vehicle.

    It just makes sense that insurance rates would be higher for a 15 passenger van that is used to transport people around all day long. This is a very common practice as many organizations and airports use this type of van every day.

    You should also determine how many miles each week or month you will be driving your passenger van. If you are using your used van only a couple of times a month, the insurance may be different than if you are using it to drive into the city each day.

    Insurance companies have to be prepared to pay out premiums should anything happen to you while driving the van. This is why they need to know as much about your driving habits as possible.

    If you do happen to get into an accident, you don’t want to chance a claim being rejected because you weren’t upfront with your insurance company from the start. If this were to happen, you would probably find yourself without insurance fairly quickly!

    Ford E350 15 Passenger Van 2011 Model
    Ford E350 15 Passenger Van 2011 Model

    Traditionally the insurance records of 15 passenger vans have not been great but there are steps you can do to improve this. Many insurance companies will give you a discount or better premium if you limit the number of passengers you take in your van. Even just removing the rear set can reduce your insurance policy.

    Other precautionary measures can help keep your insurance costs down like taking the 5 hour defensive driving class. These days taking the test is easy as there are online classes available.

    Other factors that can reduce your insurance premium, includes things like checking your tires regularly, banning night time driving and taking a special driving course aimed at 15 passenger vans.

    These measures may seem extreme but if you are looking for a better insurance rate they may be worth looking at more closely.