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    For 2011, Ford has blessed us once again with their new E350 15 passenger van. Also offered is the E-150 passenger van which offers seating for 7 to 12 passengers.

    Power has gone up significantly with the introduction of the V10 motor. This engine is powerful and it will haul what ever you through at it.

    If you are a Ford fan, then you know that Ford knows how to build big powerful haulers. The F-Series Pick up trucks are ranked number one on the market today.

    The 2011 model year offers 4 specific E350 models which can be upgraded with many available options. These modes are the XLT Extended. The E350 XLT, The E350 XLT Premium, The E350 XL Extended and the E350 XL.

    The suggested MSRP on E350 XLT Extended: $35,050
    MAX GVWR: 2630 Lbs

    The Suggested MSRP on E350 XLT: $33,760
    MAX GVWR: 2710 Lbs

    The Suggested MSRP on E350 XL Extended: $33,585
    MAX GVWR: 2630

    The Suggested MSRP on E350 XL: $31,280
    MAX GVWR: 2710 Lbs

    Your color choices for Ford 2011 E350 Wagons are:

    1. Ingot Silver
    2. Vermillion Red
    3. Bueblo Gold
    4. Royal Red
    5. Dark Blue Perl
    6. Oxford White
    7. Black

    To get 15 passengers in the E350 you have to get the Extended length. If you are only looking to transport less then 15 passengers, then the Ford E150 passenger van offers seating for 8 to 12 passengers.

    Standard on the E350 15 passenger van is Fords 5.4L EFI Triton® V8 (FFV-capable) and 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission.

    While the E150 offers the standard 4.6L EFI Triton®V8 (FFV-capable) and 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission.

    Both engines are powerful and offers modest fuel economy.

    Todays Ford 350 15 passenger vans is celebrating 50 years in production. The model has grown bigger and stronger over the years and today the brand is un-matched.

    Many have tried to compete with Ford’s 350 and 150 people mover but most of them have failed.

    In closing, when looking for a 15 passenger van or a 7 to 8 passenger van, Ford’s 2011 E350 is a good pick.

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