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Express Passenger 2002

  • Other 15 Passenger Vans on The Market

    There are many types of 15 seater passenger vans on the market today. Ford makes the E350 van which is a very popular model and sells extremely well. The Ford E Series of vans has been on the top selling list in this category for the last 29 years.

    The 2011 Chevy Express is giving the Ford vans a run for their money. The Chevy Express is available in several color choices and the 3500 can easily accommodate 15 passengers.

    This model comes with head curtain side impact air bags as part of the standard package.

    The Chevy Express also comes with advanced towing and hauling capabilities and is available in a two or four wheel drive option. To make these 15 passenger vans even safer to drive they are now equipped with 4 wheel ABS and disc brakes.

    The stability trac and traction control help lessen the risk of rollovers of these vehicles especially when loaded with passengers.

    The GMC Savanna is another popular passenger van which can seat 15 people. It is available in 14 trim packages and has two wheel base options. Some standard features on the Savanna include child safety locks and an anti locking braking system.

    There are other large vans on the market such as the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van 2500, but this particular model can only accommodate 12 passengers. This may be large enough for some people though this is a more expensive van.

    The Ford, Chevy and GMC all have prices which start around the $28,000 mark and go up to $46,000 or more depending upon options and features chosen.

    If you are looking for features such as a satellite radio or Bluetooth capabilities then these are usually available as an upgrade on most of the vans featured above.

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