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    What is The Average Price for New E350 15 passenger van?

    It is going to really pay for you to take your time and shop around when looking for a new E350 15 passenger van. Used ones you can bid on are for sale can be found here.

    One way to get a break on the price is buying one of the previous year’s models. The dealerships are happy to sell off old models in order to make way for the next year’s line.

    Even though you will technically have a one year old van you will have undoubtedly saved lots of money on your own purchase.
    Right now if you are looking for a 2011 E350 15 passenger van you can expect to pay around the $28,950 mark. Of course from here it will depend upon any extra options and features you might be adding to your new van.

    The average price for a new E350 15 passenger van will also depend upon the make you decide to purchase. A 2011 Chevrolet 3500 van can run you up to $46,375.

    What this boils down to is that you need to do your research and see which make of van is better for you. A Ford E350 Super Duty van will cost anywhere from $29,000 – $35,000.

    One easy way to do this is by reading some of the reviews for each particular model of E350 15 passenger van. Look for items such as safety ratings, gas mileage, overall performance and look to see if there were any recalls or problems.

    Also take a look and see which models and makes hold their resale value longer. This can be important if you are not planning on keeping your new van for a long period of time.

    Average prices on a new E350 15 passenger van are going to vary depending upon where you live and what the prices are in your area. By taking your time and really looking at all the available vans you are sure to find one that is affordable for you.