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  • The 2011 Ford F150 Lariat Limited

    With the release of the 2011 Ford F150 Lariat Limited Ford has decided to focus on fuel economy. The entire F150 Series was developed with fuel economy and performance in mind. The resulting Lariat is no exception to this.

    It is what you would expect from Ford especially with 33 years of best selling trucks behind them!
    The Lariat Limited was first added to the Ford F150 lineup in 2008 and is now back with updated features.

    Ford is limiting the sales of this truck with 3,500 units being made available for sale in the United States.

    The engine in the 2011 Ford F150 Lariat Limited is a 6.2 liter, V8 engine which can deliver 411 horsepower. The only color currently available is the White Platinum and will feature chrome detailing.

    The chrome details can be found in the deployable running board, the grille and the tie down hooks. Lettering on the Lariat is also in chrome.
    The aluminum wheels are 22 inches in size and feature accents in the same White Platinum as the body. The wheels have been specifically tuned to provide the driver with better handling capabilities.

    For a limited series truck the interior will not let you down. The seats are constructed from superior leather and offer two tone inserts. The steering wheel is also finished in high quality leather.

    The centre console is also finished with accent stitching and incorporates a chrome ornament and a plate with the vehicle identification number engraved in it.

    The 2011 Ford F150 Lariat Limited comes with a choice of all wheel or front wheel drive along with a 6 speed automatic transmission. If you would like to see this truck for yourself then you want to act fast. With such limited quantities being made available you don’t want to miss out on this great vehicle.