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Express Passenger 2002

  • Tips on buying a used 15 Passenger Used Van

    When purchasing any used vehicle you want to be certain that it is in good condition and that it is suitable for your family, business, or organization.

    Below you will find some great tips on buying a used 15 passenger used van.

    First off you want to make sure that you need a van this large. Larger vehicles have a tendency to swerve and be more tippy.

    One thing that can put your mind at ease in this respect is that certain models of vans now have additional traction devices to minimize the likelihood of rollovers. Remember, the more people you have in a large passenger van the more risk you are at for having a rollover.

    Next on our list of tips is to take a good look at the outside of the used passenger van. Look for signs of rust and ensure that the color matches around the entire van.

    You want to look to make sure that the fenders and bumpers are even and straight. Do the doors close properly? Look for any sign that the vehicle may have been in an accident.

    This includes being recently painted.
    Check that there is still tread left on the tires and that the passenger used van comes with a spare tire. The tires should wear evenly and they should all be the same brand.

    The used 15 Passenger van should come with a workable jack and may have locking hubcaps. If so, check that there is a key to remove them. The gas cap should fit snuggly and if it requires a key, make sure it is available.
    Inside the passenger van you want to make sure that the mirrors adjust correctly and that the seatbelts work. Run the heater and if equipped with air conditioning check that this functions as it should.

    The owner should have no issues with you taking the van for a quick test drive. Our best advice for buying any used van is to take your time and compare to similar makes and models in your area.

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