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  • Try Ebay

    Did you know that Ebay offers one of the largest selections on new and used 15 passenger vans? There are thousands of both new and used vans all placed either by individual owners or dealerships across the united states. There, the highest bidder wins or you could just use their Buy It Now button and quickly own that listing!
    Below is the current Ebay listing on 15 passenger vans. This list is always updated. Use the provided list below to begin your search.

    To see the list of current 15 passenger vans on auction, use the small arrows on the list. It scrolls up and down so you’ll be able to see each van easily.



    Ebay is also considered a good source on deals. Be sure to browse the entire list and hopefully you’ll find one that suits your needs.

    If its a pre-owned van then be sure to read everything that the seller provides on the vehicle. Looking at picture online will not always show dins and scratches that are present.

    Also, the seller must disclose any problems or faults about the vehicle. I find that a seller with a 98 to 100 positive rating on eBay is always a good bet.

    So, if you decide to check out eBay’s 15 passenger van listing read everything about the van been offered for sale and contact the seller either by email or in most cases they will have a contact phone number.