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  • Used 2010 15 Passenger Van Dimensions

    When searching for a used 2010 15 passenger van you want to pay attention to the specs and dimensions of this vehicle.  Obviously you want to be able to carry a van load of passengers and making sure there is plenty of room is important.

    Some of the passenger van dimensions which you want to pay attention to is the head and shoulder room which is available.  Many van specs are also now given for hip room as well.  Average dimensions for a used 2010, 15 seat passenger van are as follows:

    3rd row headroom:  38.6 inches

    3rd row shoulder room:  63.5 inches

    3rd row hip room: 64.4 inches

    If you are planning on using this type of van for a business then take note of the exterior body width and length.  Average numbers for these measurements are width 79.4 inches and length 244.1 inches.

    As the driver you want to have more than enough room in the driver’s seat and to be comfortable.  Make a note of the front leg room especially if you are tall, most van’s come with 41.3 inches if space available here.

    Other dimensions which are important are the towing capacity, wheelbase and turning radius. When looking at specs for the engine find out what horsepower the engine delivers and what the compression ratio is.

    The following specs are available for the 2010 Chevy Express 15 seat passenger van.

    Towing capacity:  9,410 pounds

    Engine torque: 367 lb – ft @ 4,400 RPM

    Engine Horsepower: 319 hp @ 4,600 RPM

    Compression ratio: 9.40 to 1

    Wheelbase:  155.0 inches

    Turning radius: 27.2 feet

    All of these specs and dimensions can help you determine if each particular model is the one best suited for your business or personal needs.  By taking the time and doing some research first you will not be disappointed with your purchase.


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