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  • Used 2010 Model

    Buying a 2010 Used 15 Passenger Van
    When you purchase any type of used vehicle, like the E-Series type of Vans, you want to look at several areas of the van before making that final decision. The most important point is to not feel pressured into making a fast buy. There are plenty of used vehicles on the market, especially if you are looking for a 2010 used 15 passenger van.

    Depending upon if you are buying from a local advertisement or from a dealer you want to try and find out why the van is being sold. If possible the owner should have no problems with you looking at the maintenance log of your vehicle. From this you can see how many times the van has been repaired, if any. Plus if the owner has done all the required maintenance on the van.

    A dealership will also have to disclose to you if this particular van has been in an accident or not.
    It is not always possible to find out exactly why the vehicle is being sold. When it comes to a 2010 used 15 passenger van the reasons for selling is that the van is often way too big! So you really want to be certain that you want a van of this capacity.

    Some main items to check before purchasing a used van are:

    • see if there is any warranty remaining
    • do the tires still have a decent amount of tread on them
    • make sure all seat belts are working
    • check that the heater and A/C works
    • take for a test drive and see how the brakes work

    All of the above are possible items that could end up costing you extra money should they require attention. This could also affect your decision to purchase this particular van or not. If the van is located at a dealership you may have the opportunity to get minor repairs done as part of your deal. Don’t forget it never hurts to try and wheel and deal a little too.

    Buying such a large van as a 2010 used 15 passenger van is a big decision. The same goes for a 2011 model which normally have at this time some good deals. Take the time to thoroughly check out the van and take it for at least one test drive to see how it handles on the road.


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